Greg Ledger
Web Design & Development



  • momentum magazine

    Client: National Multiple Sclerosis Society

    Platform: Wordpress

    Role: UX design, development, advertising, maintenance

  • the residential specialist

    Client: The Council of Residential Specialists

    Platform: Joomla

    Role: template creation, wireframing, ongoing design and maintenance; responsive email coding and distribution

  • move magazine

    Client: American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

    Platform: Joomla

    Role: design, development, maintenance


I’m a firm believer in the adage “measure twice, cut once.” Although this puts more energy into up-front design and development, the end deliverable is cost-effective, happiness-making digital solutions.

I have been designing for print and digital for over twenty years and developing since 2012. Today I mainly work with responsive websites and responsive html emails.


I wear a lot of hats. Most of my time is devoted to Adobe’s Creative Suite, HTML, CSS and jQuery, but I’ve also been responsible for web accessibility, maintenance and support, SEO, analytics reporting, responsive email deployment, and web advertising. I’ve used Wordpress and Joomla CMSs, Bootstrap, SQL, XML, Xpath, and animated SVG’s.